20 January 2022

Light & Dark Virtual Exhibition

Light & Dark Virtual Exhibition

The fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia and the rest of the world is nearing the finish line. Currently, many have come to consider Covid-19 as an endemic rather than a pandemic. Nature, an online news portal, asked more than 100 immunologists, infectious-disease researchers, and virologists working on the coronavirus whether it could be eradicated. Almost 90% of the respondents thought that the coronavirus would become endemic. Meanwhile, according to CNBC quoting Malaysia's International Trade and Industry Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali, Malaysia will start treating Covid-19 as endemic starting October.

Today marks the 666 days since the first case of Covid-19 was recorded in Malaysia on 25th January 2020. Throughout these 666 days, Malaysia have been on a roller coaster ride. We have seen many horrific scenes from hospitals in Malaysia and around the world. The pandemic has taken a toll on us, both physically and mentally.

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