Disaster Relief

We are committed to providing humanitarian aid in our disaster-prone region and support communities in rebuilding their lives. Our employees have shown great compassion by volunteering their time and money when disasters strike.

Disaster Relief

Asia-Pacific is one of the world's most natural disaster-prone areas. Climate change and environmental degradation further contribute to the rising toll of natural calamities.

Maybank and Maybank Foundation have supported disaster relief efforts across the region, often to recover from the impacts of typhoons and  floods in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. 

We have collaborated with several NGOs in rebuilding communities and their livelihoods in affected areas around Southeast Asia. One of the contributions that were highlighted would be the assistance that the Foundation has provided to the Typhoon Hagupit victims in the Philippines.

We have built a strong alliance with MERCY Malaysia. As one MERCY Malaysia’s supporters, the Foundation provides an annual contribution of RM1 million as part of our 3-year partnership. The partnership is focused on disaster response, rebuilding efforts (post-disaster), and risk education programmes. Funding will be used for the deployment of emergency responses, medical supplies purchases, and developing Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) preparedness programmes. In 2015, MERCY Malaysia provided relief in Ormoc City in the Phillipines and for the victims of floods in Kelantan.

Maybank Foundation is also developing an internal pool of volunteers in all ASEAN countries where Maybank is present.

For more information on our programmes, download the Maybank Sustainability Reports here.