Reach Independence & Sustainable Entrepreneurship (RISE)


There is a lack of effective economic empowerment programs for disabled and disadvantaged communities within Malaysia and the region. Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) need an array of organisations to champion their cause and R.I.S.E. is an economic empowerment program designed to support disadvantaged communities, particularly PWDs to increase their income and become financially independent.

The program involves regular training covering practical topics in running a business, such as financial goals, operational planning, budgeting and tracking, and sales and customer analysis.

In addition to capacity building, a structured mentoring system is put in place, making sure the entrepreneurs get continued support and knowledge transfer from skilled Maybank volunteers.



The R.I.S.E. program is designed to train, coach and mentor participants to develop their entrepreneurial skills resulting in higher income levels thus improving their overall standard of living. The key features of the program include:


Practical entrepreneurship training


Effective mentoring and focus on income improvement; and


Large-scale involvement of Maybank employees



The training will enable participants to build innovative sales strategies into their business ideas, enhance business management skills and augment client acquisition and retention, resulting in greater financial independence. resulting in businesses, which are more resilient.

The top 40% result for the initial 280 participants involved in the pilot project in Malaysia, that was started in September 2014, is an average income increase of:

  • Per Participants in RISE is 411.7%.
  • Income Increase from RM 462.50 to RM 2,366.47
  • Average Income Increase RM 1,903.97

With the overwhelming success of the pilot project in Malaysia, the Maybank Foundation Board of Trustees had approved the implementation of this program on a much larger scale.

The Phase 2 of the R.I.S.E. program was to impact a total of 1,800 people in three countries (Malaysia - 1,400, Indonesia - 200 as pilot, and The Philippines - 200 as pilot) in which 70% will comprise of PWDs.

Data as of April 26, 2017, Phase 2 R.I.S.E. program has trained as many as 1,866 participants from underprivileged communities, with spread of 1,400 participants in Malaysia, 211 participants in Indonesia and 255 participants in The Philippines.

The R.I.S.E. training program Phase 2 in Malaysia, (data as of April 26, 2017) resulted in an increase of average income of the top 40% by:

  • Per Participant 356.4%.
  • Income Increase from RM 673.71 to RM 3,074.98
  • Average Income Increase RM 2,401.27

As for R.I.S.E. pilot project in Indonesia, (data as of April 26, 2017) resulted in an increase in the average income of the top 40 % by:

  • Per Participant 351.8%.
  • Income Increase from RM 160 to RM 710
  • Average Income Increase RM 550

As for R.I.S.E. pilot project in The Philippines, (data as of April 26, 2017) resulted in an increase in the average income of the top 40 % by:

  • Per Participant 254.0%.
  • Income Increase from RM 189 to RM 672
  • Average Income Increase RM 482

Maybank Foundation has been entrusted to positively impact communities in the markets that Maybank operates. As we expand across ASEAN, our goal is to make a positive and distinctive difference to the communities across the region, enhancing goodwill and reputation of Maybank. We believe that this would be able to create better differentiation at the regional level and create bigger impact to communities.



People Systems Consultancy Sdn Bhd (PSC) is a social enterprise that has trained more than 14,000 pax through its Entrepreneurship Program. Their participants achieved an average income increase between 100-400% per participant within 1-2 months of the program. No loans are required for the success of the participants, which is a key to the sustainability of the program. Participants use their own abilities and skills to breakthrough. Because of this, participants continue to breakthrough after the program.


People Systems Consultancy

R.I.S.E Training in Malaysia

R.I.S.E Training in Malaysia

R.I.S.E Training in Indonesia

R.I.S.E Training in Indonesia

R.I.S.E Training in Philippines

R.I.S.E Training in Philippines