Stories Of Success From Maybank Women Eco-Weavers, Indonesia

From the lands of East and Central Lombok, Sawah Lunto and Tanah Datar, Indonesia, come stories of hungry stomachs, empty pockets and brokenness, transformed into lives of relative abundance.

Inak Dedek: Joy In Numbers

Inak Dedek used to weave on her little porch between working odd jobs at a nearby farm. A widow with 3 school-going children, she supported her family alone.

When the Maybank Women Eco-Weavers Programme began training women weavers near her home, Inak joined to share in the camaraderie that could clearly be heard among the women weavers. They helped each other out – whether on skills and techniques, savings or loans.

The income she now earns from her weaving has made life for Inak Dedek immeasurably better.

Fitri GRreek: Our National Award Winner

Fitri Greek, an elementary school drop-out, had always wanted to be good at something fulfilling and make a decent wage while doing it.

She took to weaving, having seen her parents and neighbourhood women practicing the ancient craft with patience and passion.

Fitri joined the Maybank Women Eco-Weavers programme, where she gained her education in the techniques of weaving, natural colouring and even organisation skills.

Fitri was such a voracious learner that she was entered into a championship, awarding young weavers the title of Pioneer Youth. She became the National level winner.

Fitri had not only found her talent, but also self-confidence and the means to aid her family.

Ronti: An Artist Is Born

Self-taught weaver, Ronti of Tanjung Bonai, now prides herself on having a good eye for colour and an artistic flair when  working on her creations.

It wasn’t always that way. She used to do her weaving alone, without giving much thought to how the colours could blend into more harmonious patterns.

Eventually, curiosity and her constant desire to improve got the better of her and she enrolled in the Maybank Women Eco-Weavers Programme.

An entirely new world of creative possibilities was opened up for Ronti. She was taught how to combine colours into beautifully hued woven fabrics, a discovery that has influenced her pricing decisions too.

Ronti has come full circle.