Cashville Kidz

Improving Financial Capability of Students Across Asia Through Financial Literacy


Students in Malaysia and across Asia are growing up in an increasingly complex financial world. Financial literacy amongst them and initiatives to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and tools that will enable them to make informed financial decisions with confidence and ultimately raise their financial capability.

Maybank Foundation and MoneyTree developed and launched the Cashville Kidz program in 2012, as a platform to build financial capability of students in Malaysia through financial education.

The Cashville Kidz program is designed to encourage the development of a generation that is more knowledgeable, independent and prudent in terms of managing their finances.

With the support of the Malaysian Ministry of Education, the programme focuses on starting financial literacy programmes early which enables children between 9 – 12 years old to be financially savvy.

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  • Cashville Kidz is Malaysia’s first financial literacy animated series designed to teach school children the importance of money and prepare them for future financial challenges.
  • The animated series is an extension of the ‘learn-through-play’ method and incorporates an online portal, which rewards children while they learn to apply the knowledge online.
  • Students will undertake a financial literacy assessment before and after the program. The assessment enables tracking of progress of participants.
  • The program also wants to establish Maybank as the champion of financial literacy education and to create a flagship initiative for Maybank Foundation that can be easily replicated and upscaled in other countries where Maybank has a presence.



  • To date, the program has already reached approximately 150,000 students from more than 700 primary schools across 13 different states in Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak.
  • Officially recognised by the Ministry of Education as a Co-Curricular subject in participating schools.
  • The program has kicked-off at Westline School, Phnom Penh, Cambodia in March 2017. The pilot phase in Cambodia will be conducted in eight schools, reaching out to 800 students in Phnom Penh. It is expected to run in Cambodia over the next 3 years and reach out to a total of more than 10,000 students.
Cashville Kidz an average of 108,483 viewership per episode onYouTube.
Cashville Kidz generated more than 215,000 likes on Facebook, making it one of the top 10 most popular page in its category.